Why Employ An Accountant For Your Small Business?


Employing a small business accountant has many different benefits to engaging simply a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper monitors and records financial transactions. An accountant is involved in concrete financial planning and management. Their job is to assist your company in better allocating its resources. WE Accounting and Business Services Ltd in Auckland offers customised accounting services specifically directed at small to medium business owners.

A lot of small entrepreneurs in Auckland overlook the benefit of employing an accountant and prefer to engage a bookkeeper, who maintains simple journal accounts, keeping track of sales, income, payments, purchases and receipts. But it’s important to understand that a small business accountant is a multi-purpose professional that offers more services than simple data entry work.

What services does an accountant offer?

An accountant does not merely help you prepare your tax forms. They are actively involved in tax counselling to help you save money and avoid tax related problems.

They will also be involved in Financial Consulting. Most small business owners end up mixing their personal and business finances. An accountant will advise you how to keep them separated.

Since an accountant prepares the profit and loss accounts of an organisation, they are also in a better position to offer borrowing advice. They will help you determine your financial capabilities before approaching any lenders.

If you are looking for a reliable small business accountant in Auckland that offers you all the above-mentioned services and more, contact WE Accounting and Business Services Ltd.

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