Building a Budget Cashflow


One thing I think COVID-19 has taught us, is the importance of knowing your numbers.

We constantly say “Cash is King”. But when it’s flowing, you don’t always stop to plan or review and when times hit you, like Covid-19, you soon realise that it’s a habit that you need to get back into, very quickly.

To help you do this, WE delivered this budget cashflow webinar, to show you, step by step, how to get visibility over your cashflow! And for those that missed it, we’ve posted it below!

What will you get from this webinar:

• Step-by-step guide on how to build a budget cashflow
• Clarity on your business cash flow position
• Tips on where to look for cost reductions
• How to update your budget cashflow
• No accounting jargon that you don’t understand – just plain simple English!

So, if you want to have a go at building a budget cashflow, pull up your xero account, ensure that it’s reconciled and follow the steps outlined in the video below.

Please note that to get the most out of this webinar you do need to be using Xero Accounting software and it has to be fully reconcile


Watching the video may not suit everyone, you might like a more in-depth session with one of our advisors to ensure you’ve done it properly, accounting for all of your expenses and been able to ask us questions for clarity and understanding along the way. WE have options where we can work with you to build a Budget Cashflow!

Other the FREE option, which is to watch the webinar and complete it yourself, WE have two more options…


#1 – WE Accounting Review:

After going through this webinar, we can spend 30 minutes with you in a zoom session, checking over with you that you’ve covered all of your bases and ensure you know how to keep your Budget Cashflow updated.


#2 – WE complete your Budget Cashflow together:

WE will send you some pre-work to complete before your session and then we will work together for 2 hours, building your Budget Cashflow, working through different scenarios, ensuring you have covered everything, looking at opportunities to save you some money and how to keep it updated.


If you would like to explore either of these two options to Build a Budget Cashflow with WE, make contact with us and WE will happily walk through what is involved.


Please also note that WE are approved providers for the Regional Business Partners Covid-19 program delivery. This means that approved business owners may be able to receive a grant to help pay for this service. Our team can offer more details when you contact us.

Thank you for today’s meeting on cash flow and being so patient with me. Your breaking down of each part to make it easy to understand (for someone who at the begining had no idea what it even was) was awesome and I feel like I now have an actually understanding of how and why cash flow is so important to our business, along with how to combat some of reasons for not having such great cashflow upto date.
I hope this email finds it’s way to Wyndi and Eli so they know how much of a great job you are doing!I can’t wait to get onto the suggestions you made around advertising and working with our inventory to increase our cashflow in the coming months.

Danika Cooper

Director, Danika Cooper Jewellery

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