Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy.

When small and medium businesses thrive, so too do our families and our communities.

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When we talk about business, at WE, we liken it to ancestral voyaging and wayfinding. It’s important that you pull the waka out of the water and check for leaks and when it’s back in the water we need to ensure that it’s heading in the right direction and that all crew are paddling in unison.

Since WE opened our doors in 2011, we have been learning and navigating our own waka as well as coaching and mentoring other business owners in theirs. We’ve navigated through many choppy waters, made wrong turns, had to stop and check our position and we’ve sailed on in search for paradise, or in business terms, to fulfill our companies vision and purpose. Along our journey we have uncovered some key factors that are the biggest contributors to business success. Our business development services target these key contributors and have aided in the growth and success of many businesses

We hear the statistics all of the time – most businesses fail within the first five years. WE’s goal is to change those dismal statistics by learning; what’s important to you, what condition your business is in and where you want to take it so we can help you navigate your business to the next level.



Haley Lowe

O te Motu

Adrian Evans

The Gentry

WE Business Advisory Services


We’re proud to be advisors, coaches and strategists, here to help cultivate authentic businesses. We’re building healthy businesses, run by people who have enough support, resources and knowledge to run great companies and organisations. We know that by helping business owners, we’ll also contribute to the well being of shareholders and employees which flows on to their families and communities. 

We choose to weave kaupapa Māori and indigenous insight into our practice. This simply means we incorporate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of Māori and indigenous traditions into our services to help businesses grow.  We also focus on sustainable practice, corporate responsibility,  the environment, economy and society around us. Ultimately we want to change dismal statistics and create brighter futures, and we can see innovative small businesses being a key part of that future. 

“[The Business Plan] gave me a clear understanding of the values of my business and target market. Was able to set clear goals for my business growth in an easy business plan format.”

“I always leave with more than I come with”

“I am very satisfied with the Business Accelerator program. It allows you to have an external view of our activities. There is a regular return due to the period of one meeting per week, this allows us to update our business step by step. The We accounting team is very responsive and responds to the all request.”

WE Business Advisory Programs

He Kākano

He Kākano (meaning the ‘Seed’) conveys growth, development, and expansion.  Our He Kākano program combines business development and advisory services into a 3-month program, to give your business or business idea the capability to take root, develop and grow.
Our He Kākano Program is a shorter, 1-on-1 adaptation of our Accelerator Program


Business Planning Workshop:

  • We’ll facilitate a four hour planning session, documenting the following:
    • Personal and business goals for the next 12 months
    • Strategies to ensure you achieve your goals
    • Your purpose and vision for your business
    • Gross Revenue Targets and Key Performance Indicators
    • Opportunities and vulnerabilities in your business that need to be managed
    • A 90 Day Action Plan to address immediate critical issues


Budget Cashflow training and development:

  • We’ll facilitate a two to four hour budget cashflow session, resulting in the following:
    • 12 month budget cashflow that aligns with your business plan
    • Training on how to regularly review and keep it updated
    • Financial capability building to help understand what the numbers mean
    • Identify how to manage and reduce debt levels
    • Gain a greater understanding and awareness of your tax position


Coaching sessions:

  • Each month we will have a one hour coaching and accountability session, aiding in the following:
    • Tracking your progress against your monthly goals
    • Uncovering any reasons for setbacks and how to overcome them
    • Setting SMART goals for the next 30 days, based on your 90 day plan
    • Strategies and actions to complete your goals
    • Any burning issues
  • Our final coaching session at the end of the He Kakano Program, we will also develop your next 90 day plan

Hiria Faofua

Kids Korowai

The WE Accelerator Programme has been instrumental in the start up of our business. Between mid January and now (end of March) we have achieved more than we achieved in the whole of last year. The team from WE have been beyond amazing with a huge wealth of knowledge around business start up and accounting, and Kathie from ATEED has really assisted us in setting our long term goals and getting us in contact with some key people who should be able to help us along the journey.


Mahi Kotahitanga

Mahi Kotahitanga (Working in Unity)


Me mahi tahi tātou mō te oranga o te katoa

We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone



Being in business can be a lonely journey! BUT, it doesn’t have to be.

Something the Accelerator Program taught us is the importance of kotahitanga (unity and collaboration). That’s why we are bringing back group coaching sessions in our Mahi Kotahitanga Program!

Join our award winning advisory team on a journey of collaboration and transformation. The beauty of this program is that not only do you learn from WE, you learn from your peers (tuakana-teina).


Group Quarterly Coaching Sessions

Each quarter you will be part of a half day coaching session, where we will help you:

  • Integrate hauora into your business and day to day living
  • Create a rolling 90 Day Action Plan that ensures key projects are committed to AND implemented
  • Identify areas where you can improve your performance
  • Increase your business knowledge by sharing insights on topics like how to grow your business, utilisation of digital tools, making sure you get paid on time and increasing cashflow
  • Increase you financial literacy
  • Create a forum where you can discuss burning issues with like-minded business owners without being whakamā (shy)

Our Expectation:

Our expectation is that you will:

  • Treat each other with aroha and manaaki (love and care)
  • Complete any pre-work and provide any other information on time
  • Korero (communicate) any concerns or issues as they arise
  • Respect the values of WE and the boundaries created by the rōpū
  • Show up and be fully present, for yourself and the rōpū



Mahi Kotahitanga is a 12 month rolling program

Coaching sessions: Quarterly sessions, 4 hour duration per session

Our next rōpū begins Thursday 8th April


Wyndi Tagi – Owner


Be part of a Community


WE understand the feeling of isolation in business! That is why WE are building a community.  

They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This Business Development Services offer the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded business owners to help you achieve the visionary success you are striving for and build relationships with potential suppliers, investors and advisers. Learn together, share together, grow together.

Join our Business Development Services

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