The success rates for small and medium businesses in NZ are ‘low’ especially within the first 5 years of business. Much of this is preventable.

After extensive research we came up with some key factors that are the biggest contributors to business success. The Accelerator Programme was developed as a wrap-around service that targets these key contributors, in particular leadership, planning, budgeting, forecasting, coaching and advisory.

The WE Vision


We’re proud to be advisors, coaches and strategists, here to help cultivate authentic businesses. We’re building an Aotearoa full of healthy businesses, run by people who have enough support, resources and knowledge to run great companies and organisations. We know that by helping business owners, we’ll also contribute to the wellbeing of shareholders and employees which flows on to their families and communities. 

We choose to weave kaupapa Māori into our practice, which simply means that we incorporate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of Māori society into our services and values. That means we focus on sustainable practice, considering how our contributions affect people, the environment, economy and society around us. Ultimately we want NZ to have a brighter future, and we can see innovative small businesses being a key part of that future. 


The Building Blocks for Good Business


The Accelerator Programme starts with the Building Blocks of any good business – a Business Plan, Cashflow Forecast and an Annual Budget.

It is from these that we are able to set a clear pathway and expectations for you and your business to ensure you are reaching and exceeding your business and personal goals throughout the 12 month programme.


Business Planning

Your business plan is your roadmap to success.

Having a business plan means you are twice as likely to successfully grow your business.

Cashflow Management


Cashflow planning is best practice in any business and critical to survival and growth. 

 Our Cashflow Management service is designed to help you improve your Cash Conversion Cycle and maximise your cashflow.  It will allow you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business. 



82% of businesses that fail cite cashflow as the main reason.  

Having a budget and managing it, is the most practical way to ensure you’ll have positive cashflow in the future.

Business Coaching

The accountability and support business owners need

As a business owner you can at times feel alone and unsupported, spending little time working on your business and trapped in the day to day technical aspects. In the Accelerator Programme, our Quarterly Coaching Sessions are conducted with a group of like-minded business owners, with a focus on improving business performance, setting goals, identifying strategies, discussing and resolving potential and existing problems and celebrating your wyns.

Be part of a Community


WE understand the feeling of isolation in business! That is why WE are building a community.  

They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This Programme offers the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded business owners to help you achieve the visionary success you are striving for and build relationships with potential suppliers, investors and advisers. Learn together, share together, grow together.

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