Gender Pay Gap at WE


Wyndi has spoken out recently about the importance of equality in business’ pay practices. This is something that WE continue to work on, having built a partnership with MindTheGap and participating in their initiative for International Women’s Day.

With a purpose of improving the mana of Māori and Pacific People, WE believe we too need to be held accountable to our gender pay gap.

WE’s gender pay gap is calculated as the difference in the median hourly rate for males and females. Pay gap calculations don’t take into consideration the roles of our team and can be impacted by the number of males or females we have in different roles and across the levels of WE.

As at March 2022, WE Accounting NZ’s pay gap is 6.36%, compared to the Overall National Gap at 9.1%. WE Samoa have a 0% pay gap.

Our pay gap includes all permanent and fixed term employees, including our leadership team but excluding our Shareholders.

WE team make up:

The WE NZ team is made up of predominantly Pacifica people, with the remainder of our team being two of Māori origin and one being Brazilian.

WE NZ is made up of

  • 66% Female
  • 50% Male / Female Ownership
  • 60% Female Senior Leadership

WE Samoa is made up of

  • 62% Females
  • 50% Male / Female Ownership
  • 25% Female Senior Leadership
  • 75% Female Middle Management

We value a diverse workforce and feel our commitment to equal pay as well as company values enable us to create an environment where people are able to bring their authentic selves to mahi.

Strong female representation across our leadership teams is also part of our company focus and KPI’s, WE are working hard to remove roadblocks to gender equality at WE

Our action plan to narrow the gap:

We have put in place actions to close the pay gap, including:

  • Ensuring no gender bias in hiring for any new roles
  • Continuing to do annual reviews of our teams remuneration – next one due next quarter
  • Analysis of percentage increases from salary reviews to ensure we are not  contributing to a gender pay equity gap as part of these salary reviews
  • Ensuring our remuneration system flags exceptions

We believe that reviewing and reporting on our gender pay gap is an important aspect of improving the mana for all people at WE. WE also seek to help our customers with ensuring equality in their pay practices too.


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