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WE are Pacific and Maori Accountants and business advisors!

Maori and Pacific peoples make a significant contribution to to economies all across the Globe, spanning a range of different sectors, yet there continue to be inequities in our social, economic and political systems that prevent our people from meeting their aspirations.

 WE are determined to change the statistics and believe the path to prosperity for Maori and Pacific peoples in business requires increased financial literacy and digital transformation to stay ahead of the game.

WE Accounting & Business Services is an accounting company focused on providing qualitative accounting and business services to businesses.

WE are Pacific and Maori Accountants, ax specialists and Business Advisors who are unapologetic about being indigenous and bringing culture to work with us because culture belongs in business.

 WE are community driven and work closely with many different organisations and businesses in the Pacific, Maori and Indigenous networks across Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, to ensure that we keep up to date with what’s important to our people

WE apply our specialized knowledge through our team of professionals who are committed to delivering value to each of our customers.


Why WE?

  • WE know and understand diversity, Maori and Pacific Culture and Values
  • WE are a Chartered Accounting firm, bound by the NZICA code of ethics
  • WE offer a solution for all of your accounting needs
  • WE are pro-active in helping your business grow.
  • Your spend your time on your core business while WE take care of your accounting needs
  • WE are Pacific and Maori Accountants, Business advisors and tax specialists
Māori and Pacific helping Māori and Pacific!

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