Viviani Natiele


My name is Viviani Natiele de Moura, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering at FIAP in Brazil and a post degree in Business at ICL Business School in Auckland.

My favourite part of working at WE Accounting is the passion that everyone has to do their best at work, which allows me to challenge myself to improve our systems and deliver the best of our services to our customers. Another amazing thing about the WE team is the inner culture of our day-to-day activities and this is reflected in the work that we share with our projects and local communities.

In my routine, I am a healthy person, and I love cooking, baking, knowing where the food I’m cooking came from. When I don’t work at WE accounting, I support small farmers and producers, and enjoy meals with my family and friends. In my free time, I like to read and watch movies with my friends and partner, my favorites are Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter. But I also like to study and improve myself everyday learning new things.

I am passionate about people and look forward to helping you and your business grow and succeed.

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